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How I Made $568.90 browsing the web.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But I actually made closer to a thousand dollars simple browsing the web over the last year. And it actually IMPROVED my browsing experience.

Highly recommended and requires ZERO skill.

You will want to download this browser:


This is good if you want to get paid to search the web. Get paid for browsing the internet with this app:


0:00 How I make money browsing the web
1:21 Connecting multiple browsers to earn more by browsing the web
2:31 Uphold wallet & Income Proof
3:56 Connecting Brave to Uphold Account
4:20 Pros and Cons of the Brave Browser


Also, check out how I earn free Bitcoin every single day:

I make sure to take 5 seconds to do this every day!

I love using Brave and it's even better that I earn REAL money from Brave. Be sure to watch the video to understand how to correctly connect Brave to your Uphold wallet - and the 4-device limit that you can connect to a single Uphold wallet.

Let’s Get Connected!

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