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Dare to Dance Again - Guide My Steps! May 2, 2021 Worship with Virtual Communion

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We are a resurrection people! Those who seek new life – new beginnings. And we, the church, must be a place of knowing and growing and accepting love. Our theme this week is, "From You Comes My Praise: Guide My Steps! We will talk about carpenters and unbuilding ... and the lessons we learn from both. We will offer virtual Communion - you are invited to have some water, juice or coffee to serve as your "fruit of the vine," and a piece of bread, cracker, tortilla, or whatever else you may have on hand to serve as your "bread." Our Table is open and ALL are invited.

CCLI #325626 and CAPL #105234

Worship Series and Liturgy: WorshipDesignStudio.com
Dr. Marcia McFee
Theme Song: Dare to Dance Again by Trisha Watts and Monica O'Brien, used with permission
Prayer Song: Teach Me To Dance by Graham Kendrick, Steve Thompson, Glenna Shepherd, arr. by Chuck Bell
Closing Song: Guide My Feet, African American Spiritual, from The Faith We Sing Hymnal, additional lyrics by WUMC
Sermon: "The Carpenter and the Unbuilder: Stories for the Spiritual Quest" by David M. Griebner, copyright 1996 by David M. Griebner
Frederick Buechner, Sermon Illustration, “Peculiar Treasures” and reprinted in “Beyond Words”, The Frederick Buechner Center, Blog Post

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