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Dare to Dance Again: Guide My Steps

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Welcome to Sunday Worship at NorthPark Presbyterian Church!

Feel free to follow today's worship guide at https://files.constantcontact.com/53924e01101/34255360-86ec-4006-9edb-677127b5e7d3.pdf

Please let us know that you worshipped with us, by completing the form in this link http://www.northparkpres.org/index.php?cID=1056 - Thank you!

To share your financial gifts with NorthPark, at https://onrealm.org/NorthparkPresby/-/give/now or you may send a check to the church at P.O. Box 515454, Dallas, TX 75251-5454. Thank you for your generosity!

Today and next Sunday's (May 2 &9) Virtual Coffee Hour have been cancelled. We will host the last and only Virtual Coffee Hour will be Sunday, May 16 following our online worship. Let's make it count and party up! Invite your family and friends (especially those you haven't seen in a while). If you haven't attended Virtual Coffee Hour, we encourage you to join in the celebration.

CCLI License Number 20085484

*This worship service was filmed in segments in order to maintain social distancing protocols and abide by the government mandated.

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