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Decentraland Mana News Price charts!

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This amazing piece of art you are going to watch is a fun monthly review (March 2021) of Decentraland and the MANA coin. We cover news, events, Atari Launch, casino, NFT and MORE. If you haven't seen the other videos this is a great way to catch up on Decentraland Mana coin news.

Decentraland is a VR based platform with a decentralized currency called the MANA coin. Join the channel and check out our other videos related to crypto and MANA.

Join us as we break down recent news, prices and future outlook of the MANA coin and the Decentraland world.

We also cover other cryptos!
Crypto has been on fire lately and the MANA coins have been one of the strong supports. The MANA coin passed XRP Ripple that should clear for more bullish activity. With bitcoin increasing in popularity and DOGE coin making moves it's now time for NFT's in Decentraland to start booming causing the MANA coin to skyrocket.

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We cover NFT Mana Stellar XLM Lumens bitcoin blockchain and more

I am not a financial consultant and this is for entertainment only. Please contact a consultant before doing anything.

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