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New delve! New teams! And the same old grind! - Gems of War

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Become a channel member and help pay for child care, or donate here: https://streamlabs.com/relleplays1 - Any tip amount and you can request that I do a voice for 5 minutes, your choice! (has to be within my range!)

Riku - The usual cool guy
Axel - The wimp who never gives up
Mickey Mouse - Surly, bitter, possibly drunk
Kairi/Aqua - Generic girl voices
Ventus - A southern country bumpkin with less brains than he has screen time.
Luxord - Sort of a cross between Edna Mode from the Incredibles and a very sassy gay man.
Mother Gothel - Actually Edna Mode from The Incredibles.
Johnny Depp - A really bad and probably offensive Australian accent.
Captain Barbossa - Arrr, we be piratin' in here!
Xehanort - A voice as smooth and evil as his bald head.
Southern Lawyer - If you ever wanted to annoy anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line, this voice is for you!

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