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The Tony Buzbee Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Clown Show Update: Lawyer Trolls Houston Police And NFL

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The Tony Buzbee Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Clown Show Update: Lawyer Trolls Houston Police And NFL

Watch the vlog The Tony Buzbee Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Clown Show Update: Lawyer Trolls Houston Police And NFL

The latest update in this sad tale of an otherwise good trial lawyer going evil has Tony Buzbee, the man I'm referring to, as basically trolling the Houston Police Department and The National Football League (NFL), and via words from this Instagram post:

Per advice from a well known criminal defense attorney: Our team will be submitting affidavits and evidence from several women, who had experiences with Deshaun Watson, to the Houston Police Department and the Houston District Attorney, on Monday morning. We will request that a grand jury be empaneled to consider the evidence we provide.

I shared that language with two lawyer friends of mine, one my Godfather, who's a California Super Lawyer, and Clinton Killian, from my previous vlog on this matter. My view of what I was told by both is that Tony Buzbee needs to have the real, live, witnesses to present - not affidavits and evidence. "You can't get an indictment just from an affidavit", said both of them, at separate times and on separate phone calls.

But the blasting of The Buzbee Law Firm's star founder did not stop there. Tony's opening sentence of "Per advice from a well known criminal defense attorney" offered a testy response, too. "You never say you got advice from another attorney," was the outcry.

Indeed, there's a full article on that very subject, and called "Attorneys Beware: Do Not Provide Informal Legal Advice to Friends or Relatives" by Paragon Underwriters. It goes like this:

No doubt you’ve been put in the following position (probably several times a year): You’re at a party or family event, and a friend or relative approaches you with a simple legal question. They preface the question by telling you that it’s a minor situation so it won’t take you long to answer. Since it’s someone who trusts you and someone close to you, you don’t think twice about giving legal advice. In fact, you’re happy to do the favor and it feels good knowing you’re able to help them out. Not to mention, you really can respond quickly to their inquiry and save them some money in the process.

Providing legal advice like this can be very tempting for family members and close friends, but it could actually be quite damaging to you professionally. While your intentions are noble (we all want to help those closest to us), your actions might be harmful to you, your law firm and even to the person to whom you’re providing advice. Remember that, as an attorney, when you give legal advice, it can come back to haunt you. Even given casually, your legal opinion may be less thought-out than usual and not backed by the research you would typically conduct if a paying client requested it.

Furthermore, by providing informal, free legal advice like this to friends and relatives, you might be creating a conflict of interest for yourself by giving advice to a person who has not been through a “conflicts of interest” check first. Do you really want to put yourself in that potentially disastrous position? There are much better ways that you can help friends and family without putting yourself into harm’s way.

Paragon Underwriters reminds you that when asked a legal question by a friend, it may appear that you are merely giving advice to someone close to you, but you have to be aware when a relationship becomes a lawyer-client relationship. The minute this relationship is formed, lawyers are bound by the rules of their professional responsibility. The relationship begins when there is a mutual understanding that the client is going to confide in the lawyer and the lawyer is going to listen.

Basically, not getting advice from another lawyer is the best way to go because of the real chance it can go the wrong way. One would think Tony Buzbee would know that, considering how long he's practiced law, right?

With episodes like this, it's becoming clear that Tony's approach is just not designed to win, but to gain publicity and hope to scar - nothing more.

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