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UPDATED Wife Begged To Reconcile After I Called Divorce Lawyer But I Can Still Read Her Messaging AP

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I am approaching the 1 year anniversary of my D-Day. Here is my story.
We are both in our mid forties. We have been together for more than 30 years (since high school). We have two teenage children. My wife (her choice) has been a SAHM for most of the last 15 years whilst I have worked hard in a stressful but well paid job to provide for our family.

A few years ago my wife and I went through the traumatic experience of the death of one of our children. My wife struggled more than myself, I tried to remain strong for her and our other children, she had bereavement counselling but that did not help her. Her mental state due to our loss was all over the place and things got progressively worse with our marriage. Around two years ago, we had a massive drunken argument, I said lots of nasty things, called her names (no physical abuse). I was stupid and immature, I did not apologise for my outburst and this resulted in a dead bedroom and a lack of good communication. I turned to alcohol and I became depressed about the whole situation.

This time last year, I was considering divorce. I wanted things to get better between us but I knew we both had to change for that to happen. As a last throw of the dice, I suggested marriage counselling (she declined but I had IC). This helped me, I gave up drinking, I also lost weight and got into my best ever physical shape with lots of exercise. My mental health and attitude towards my wife improved. We were both happier, we had just started becoming intimate again and it looked like our marriage could survive.

Story 1:
As I suspected, my WS has contacted her AP. She will now face the consequences.
Story 2:
Upgrading my STBX to a full blown EX in 90 minutes

#Cheating​ #RelatiotionAdvice​ # SurvivingInfidelity
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