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"Why Am I Being So Mean To My Husband?" | Paul Friedman

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She recognizes that she is treating her husband so disrespectfully and yet, she can't control herself so it's a very interesting thing. You would think, "Well, I don't want to smoke cigarettes anymore. I'll just quit." Yeah, right. Now that we could go, well, it's a nicotine habit understandable, but how many habits do we have that are not tied to a substance, a chemical substance which is legitimately tough but it's just as tough to break a habit. Now, I can explain why and it's basically that it's a habit but let's take this further. Let's see for ourselves, let you see this for yourself how you have become a puppet. You have become a victim of your habits, everyone is almost. Probably over 95% of our actions are habitual. We react the way we've always reacted and we'll always react that way until we start watching our own minds controlling which habits we want to keep and which ones we want to dispose of, and which new ones we want to take on. so they become positive attributes of us. In this case, being mean to your husband you know it's unacceptable. You know you're chasing him away. You know you're going to destroy your marriage obviously, or you wouldn't be seeking help. You need to do something about it. You can't just let it go on and just an explanation of why or what happened in your childhood and all, that stuff is irrelevant.


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